Arthur Henry Rostron Medal

Sir Arthur Henry Rostron was best remembered as the captain of the ocean liner R.M.S. Carpathia, the ship that rescued hundreds of survivors of the R.M.S. Titanic which sank in 1912 after striking an iceberg on the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Captain Rostron won wide praise for his energetic efforts to reach the Titanic before she sank, and his efficient preparations for and conduct of the rescue of the survivors. He was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal by the US Congress, and in 1926 was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

The Carpathia was on its regular route between New York City and Fiume when, early on 15 April 1912, she received a distress signal from the Titanic, which had struck an iceberg and was sinking. Rostron immediately ordered the ship to race towards Titanic's reported position, posting extra lookouts to help spot and manoeuver around the ice he knew to be in the area. About 58 nautical miles separated Carpathia from Titanic's position. Rostron and his engineering crew took about 3½ hours to reach the Titanic.

During this time Rostron turned off heating to ensure maximum steam for the ship's engines and had the ship prepared for the survivors, including getting blankets, food, and drinks ready, and ordering his medical crew to stand by to receive the possibly injured survivors. Rostron was a pious man: issuing orders, he often raised a hand to his cap and closed his eyes in prayer. Speaking of the risk taken by running through dense ice at speed at night, he is reported to have said "I can only conclude another hand than mine was on the helm."

When Rostron believed he was getting close to Titanic he had green starburst rockets launched to encourage Titanic if she was still afloat or her survivors if she was not. Carpathia began picking up survivors about an hour after the first starburst was seen by those in the lifeboats. Carpathia would end up rescuing 710 survivors out of the 2,228 passengers and crew on board Titanic. Rostron decided to turn the ship around and return to New York City to disembark the survivors.

The survivors of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic had not even arrived in New York City before the United States Senate convened an inquiry into the disaster. The chairman of the hearing, Michigan Senator William Alden Smith, had been a champion of improved railroad safety in the United States, and he wanted to hear the survivors’ testimony while it was still fresh in their minds.

The hearings began at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City only a day after the survivors had reached land. Among the first to testify was Captain Arthur Henry Rostron. His testimony before the committee was so complete and so emotionally gripping, it brought tears to the eyes of the senator and many others in attendance.

Following his formal report on the investigation to the Senate, Senator Smith called for unanimous consent of a resolution to allocate one thousand dollars to award a gold medal to Captain Rostron. The resolution was passed by acclamation.

The medal was designed by American sculptor and medalist John Flanagan (1865-1952) who would later design both sides of the Washington U.S. quarter-dollar coin and more than four dozen items for Medallic Art Company over a forty-year period.

The dies for the Titanic Rostron medal were cut by Medallic Art Company, and the gold medal itself was struck by the United States Mint. The bronze sample shown here is from the archive of Medallic Art Company.

This medal is available in multiple metal choices, including precious metals:

.999 solid platinum medal - $650 + cost of the raw materials + cost of shipping via USPS with insurance
.999 solid gold medal - $450 + cost of the raw materials + cost of shipping via USPS with insurance
.999 solid silver medal - $250 + cost of the raw materials + $14.99 shipping

Precious metal medals are available only via phone order at dedicated toll free number 833-MYMEDAL. Every medal made to order. Delivery time 4 – 6 weeks

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